I don’t know whether its the stress of the season, the cold weather, depression, or just plain laziness, but the past 2 or 3 weeks i have been so blah!  I never feel like doing much of anything….i struggle just to make myself make supper for the family and to keep my house tidy.  I don’t even want to work lately….although i do because i have to!  I have barely started my christmas shopping and christmas is less than 2 weeks away.  We haven’t even put up our christmas tree yet :S.  Whatever this may be, i sure hope i snap out of it within a week so that i can be prepared (last minute) for christmas!  My sister and her kids move in with me in a week and half so i have to be sure this house is well organized and clean by then or it never will be again until they move out lol.  Does anyone have any suggestions to get out of slump like this?  Besides eating healthy and exercising of course….i know i need to do those things….and i do eat healthy….most of the time 🙂


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